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The discovery of animation and graphics can allow Gavin to use his imagination to the best advantage. The artist feels that these compositions have their own identity. Adobe products can be use in an effected way and gains eye-catching imagery and fonts. Advertising plays on Gavin's mind, and he is influence by late Pop artist Andy Warhol.

Gavin has recently found the adoption on drawing on his iPad. These complex compositions favours the artist attention to detail by zooming in and adding reflections to the subject matters.  

November's 2021 are focusing around tracing around images and experimenting in the phenomenal effects and what marks with the iPencil that were achievable. Nostalgic memories crops up in a precise way with confidence with the ability to take forward in the future. Tracing images is capturing the subject matters in an accurate approach to communicate the advertising and shapes.

Adobe Fresco has a wide range of brushes, colours and your vision will revolve over time in this fantastic platform in digital art. You can use this program to create small changes to the animations..

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