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The artworks of Gavin Thackray-Jones demonstrates an understanding of the interior and exterior in living and stationery matters within a space. Gavin is presenting his autobiography through animation, digital drawing, painting as well as creative writing to express his emotions.


Gavin has Cerebral Palsy which affects his dexterity and speech. The artist feels overlooked in society and sometimes feels invisible. The personas in Gavin’s compositions plays an airline pilot, driving cars with faces expressing a richness of rejection inside. He has experienced control, coercive and bullying, which has made Gavin a stronger character.


He takes inspiration from artists like Frida Kahlo, David Hockney and Philip Guston. These artists have faced similar challenges in life like Gavin has. The dramatic events simulated Gavin on a magical journey to block out bad memories. Research has made Gavin contextualised his place in the art-world and made him feel confident in each application. The Coca-Cola iconography comes from references from late Andy Warhol and the concept of commercialisation. Gavin also interested the compositions of Ed Ruscha with his use of signage and subject matters such as; petrol stations and advertising.

Ed Ruscha makes an object, architecture or a living thing into a subject matter.


Gavin draws on Adobe Fresco where he can create scenes with drawing shapes and changing the scale for smaller details. The colours are bold, electric with the artist’s taste in 70s and the 1980s audio and cinema.

His persona is to be an airline pilot and Gavin creates animation simulating the self-image that he sees in his mind. Currently he has animated this persona by using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop. Video artist Ryan Trecartin creates animation and his characters explore their own identity. Trecartin writes, directs and edit his own films, which Gavin does. 


In February 2016 Gavin travelled to New York while he was studying for his Masters Degree and saw the exhibition called 'How To Work Better' by artist Fischi and Weiss at the Guggenheim in New York City. Gavin found photographs and videos of airports intriguing and sees the methodology of Fischi and Weiss narrative in this exhibition. Their concept of a time referencing going through different time zones. They are portraying the journey from arriving at the airport to their destination. Gavin's animations articulates this well in an accurate and successful outcome.


Gavin enjoys seeing his paintings come to life and the methodology in his approach to the application of paint. They are less rushed and created with using brushes, sponges, palette knives and kitchen roll. Paint is removed to give a sense of depth and delicate details. Precise application is representing what the artist is trying to achieve in each painting compositions.


Gavin is articulating his dreams that he sees in conscious and asleep. He tries to document this and the portraits and objects are at different positions on the appropriate materials used by Gavin. This development over many years has made Gavin to reflect on his strengths and weaknesses. 


The idea of Gavin travelling the world would be a dream to experience different cultures and seeing the wide-range of architecture. He will document his travels by his influences from YouTubers pioneers. Furthermore seeing different art styles will influence Gavin’s future masterpieces.


Gavin is an artist who is creating art in this time of conflict in Ukraine, Russia and Gaza with also the media broadcasting disturbing images and videography. This leads him to escape to art and watching documentaries that interest Gavin’s mind.

Gavin doesn’t enjoy being discriminated especially in restaurants where the customers service doesn’t look at Gavin, which he finds frustrating. Art allows escapism and thinks about the people who has treated Gavin with respect. 


Gavin has had several successful exhibitions with publicity in newspapers and radio interviews, and furthermore selling his drawings and paintings. The experience of achieving a 2:1 and a MA has improved Gavin’s abilities to articulate future adventures. He wants to exhibit in galleries in London and internationally to demonstrate his journeys and passion in the contemporary art world. He expresses his passion of the commercial aviation and worldwide architecture where Gavin has travelled too and future travels. Going on Boeing 747’s, 777’s his given ideas to have Gavin’s artworks on an commercial airplane, which Pascel Anson did for the Olympics in 2012. 


The future ideas of running my own art gallery in London would be phenomenal. The artist wants to give talks about his artwork and mentor people to develop their confidence and help them with their future.


Through challenges from Gavin’s father committing suicide when Gavin was aged seven with reading his dad’s words comes through him reliving childhood and nostalgic memories of when his dad was alive.


Don’t hesitate to contact Gavin’s for further enquiries with questions or purchasing his artworks.


Thank you very much.


Gavin Thackray-Jones BA (Hons) MA

March 2024

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