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Gavin Thackray-Jones investigates in contemporary drawing, painting and moving images. Gavin has Cerebral Palsy, which affects his dexterity and who has invented an approach in his studio practice, and articulates a language, which sets his personality through surfaces; such as canvases and digital screening.

When creating the artwork Gavin feels the excitement on the journey, which architecturally comes together in different methodologies. The compositions showcase portraits, bring in the  whole figure due to accepting his identity. You can notice a shift in more precise dexterity control.

The digital art reminds Gavin of Bob Dylan's style with architecture and people in vibrant colours. This style represents Gavin’s passion interest in the 1980s cinema, fashion and audio for a positive response in Gavin’s imagery and unorthodox compositions.

The exposition of energetic colours br/oadcasts the artist’s feelings on living in a dream. Is the artist presenting his consciousness mind? Certainly past paintings were created in a vigorous manner. Anger was expressed with rapid brushstrokes behaviours with the paint.

We as the audience sees personas of a character who Gavin envisages in his compositions with being an airline pilot and being able to drive a BMW and this is impacting on his creative mind. Frida Kahlo had a life changing accident, and when she was recovering Kahlo’s compositions demonstrates her dreams, which features in Gavin’s subject matters in a strong way on his handling of paint.

Gavin continues in creating digital art and painting where he sense a feeling of freedom and escape from society.

Thank you very much.

Gavin Thackray-Jones BA (Hons) MA

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