A blank canvas is a departure where the artist can discover their composition and the medium that they are going to paint with. To be an artist need to be pioneering in having something new to paint.  Painters are in change of brushes and their applications decisions. Colours are manipulated by mixing into a different type of colour. The surface has the painter identity on the canvas with the methodologies in the mark-making abilities.

As the painting is transferred with pigment and the composition becomes a different dimension in each minute. To discover composition there are maths that need to be experimenting with. Elements in the subject matters can be going off the surfaces, as the human eye can recognise what it is. The human eye sims through the painting first before attaching their vision on different areas of the composition.

In Gavin Thackray-Jones's compositions there are different types of mediums such as; acrylic and oil paints. There are a repetition of mark-making with brushes, palette knifes, cardboard and sponges. The vigorous brushstrokes allows the artist to demonstrate a narrative of a suitable language, with engaging in the environment such as; listening to retro audio and escaping to another destination. The artist is influences by the German Expressionism and the Pop-Art art movement.

The vigorous behaviour within the paint illustrates Gavin's frustration with how society views him as a label, with having Cerebral Palsy and Articulate Dyspraxia. He is communication "Shut up and look at my artwork instead of the victimisation". As a teenager Gavin was bullied physically and verbally and this reflects his manner within the contemporary art-world of the 21st century. The avant-garde vision is full of vibrant colours ready to sense warmth in the seasons.

Furthermore, drawing and painting is transferring the ideas of the artist's life and the suicide of his Dad. Gavin is using elements such as; faces, VW Campervan's, American flag, which his excitement of the 1980's film 'Footloose'. The character Ren (Kevin Bacon) is playing Jack the lad, and Gavin's persona is driving around through America in a VW Bettle with an eighties female singer..

Thank you very much.

Gavin Thackray-Jones BA (Hons) MA