Gavin Thackray-Jones investigates in contemporary drawing, painting and moving images. Gavin has Cerebral Palsy, which affects his dexterity and who has invented an approach in his studio practice, and articulates a language, which sets his personality through surfaces.

His drive in life focus around interesting people and has an imaginative behaviour in modern day society. Cerebral Palsy doesn't make Gavin isolated, as he loves to network and discuss the world. The world in Gavin's eyes is like living in a dream, as he communicates a magical feeling in his home. The journey in his home takes him in a new form of reality. Drawing is paramount to create each day and study the world from different perspectives.


The artist has expressed an interest in developing his social-media platforms such as; Youtube and Instagram. In order to boost these digital products Gavin needs someone who will represent his art career and selling these fantastic products with advertising the portfolio of Gavin Thackray-Jones. Sponsorship will be a great help with funding art materials, exhibitions costs.

His home is like an art gallery and the living room is a studio. The videos shows an understanding of his challenges, but yet he delivers a scene like no other artist. Paintings are on the wall, paint on the floor, sketchbooks and art books found in each room. We don't know what the artist is doing while he is alone with creating art and drawings of semi-naked ladies. He is a rebel who wants to achieve the ultimate goal to be famous and have his own art galleries worldwide and invent a new identity himself.


There are repetitive motifs which are shifting in different positions with structures in an unorthodox compositions. He is using the British Airways branding, having the 80s disco narrative similar to Keith Haring. The music has nostalgic childhood memories travelling in the car to the seaside and theme parks. Gavin's persona is to be an airline Captain, and this where the British Airways and many more airlines identity is playing a part within many of his compositions, especially the graphics outcomes. Gavin's envisages the world in his complex thoughts and from historic memories i.e; places.


The tool of Photoshop allows the artist to use a wide-range of his drawing and paintings alongside images and texts. The transportation delivers an avenue of identity of the 21st century with a juxtaposition of the 1980s, with the American dimension. Drawings, paintings and images are manipulated to form another atmosphere. Recently Gavin's discovery of the iPad the artist has found approaches to add his mark-making in a graphic and professional experiments and coming up with a composition which becomes successful.

Gavin represents his journey when he visited New York in 2016/2017, where he admired the quality of a movie set atmosphere. "Times Square was full of energetic colours and branding symbols, which took his imagination to another place". The artist seems distressed by lots of events in his life, especially the childhood memory of his Father ending his life.


The paint is vigorously adapted to each canvas in an emotional way. The artist reference towards the German Expressionism and Pop-Art (Andy Warhol). Advertising plays with imagery and colour, which attracts an aesthetic visualisation to his audiences. You can navigate the method of paint by using any source of equipment available. The ranges of canvases are in different dimensions giving the artist a sense of freedom to adapt his methodology of painting techniques. Gavin dominates the colour palette in each composition's in a receptive approach. The aesthetics of the painting's appearances describes confident decisions and ways to develop in the future paintings. The artist is influence by painters such as; Georg Baselitz, Frank Auerbach and more in the application style.

The drawings separates the painting a side and borrows a visually approach into monochrome. The graphite mark-making methodologies demonstrates a fear and obstruction in Gavin's handling of his unique arm movements.  



Gavin Thackray-Jones BA (Hons) MA