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            BA (Hons) MA


One of Gavin's iPad drawing

One of Gavin's
painting composition


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“Gavin’s painting depicts the world viscerally, rather than how it looks on the surface and, by doing so, he reinvigorates art with authenticity and expressive force. In his quest for authenticity, Gavin looks for inspiration beyond European art and culture to an inner world of adventure and travel expressed through beautiful colour and striking symbols. Sometimes faces, sometimes buildings and airplanes but always notably, through human eyes looking out of the painting as we look inside. His paintings are closer to the origins of humanity than a photographic record since they are human documents. They borrow stylistically from what he encounters, including geometric ornamentation, decorative patterning and flattened space rather than a three-dimensional representation of it. All these collectively make his work of great interest and highly collectable.”

Professor Martin Richardson, April 2017

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