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2021 has bought a halt in Gavin ideas for the future in Covid. Although Gavin has remained in the creative spirit with his determination to achieve a wider audience.

The rush of creating paintings has slowed down, and this has improved the quality of the subject matters.

Gavin's wishes for future exhibitions in cities such as; London, New York and many more cities. The style of the artworks his a distinctive ways to unpick Gavin's challenges both physically and the impact of trauma in his life. The destination is looking at you right now.

From graduating from a Masters in Fine Art in early 2018 the artist feels discriminated and unworthy from the term 'Outsider Art'. It is demonstrated by this portfolio and viewing a vase and positive in the development of a freer mind and discovering an independent life.

The exhibition could be graphic based where companies will offer Gavin opportunities in working with them. At this current time in selling original paintings is a challenge.

Baby steps are require with discovering software 'Adobe Fresco', but Gavin leaves the current idea and comes back after thinking ways to capture that concept. Mostly this is proven to be successful, as shown in the image below.

Silent portraits in a composition is representing a lack of interesting conversations and how the world feels to Gavin's thoughts. A nightmare can spin your life around to future avenues. Is Gavin directing himself into more of a graphic designer rather than displaying traditional methodologies; such as a pencil. 

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